Gotta Love Glass!!

I’m loving this product!

In my never-ending quest for sustainable products, I discovered this gem of a company!

If you’re looking for a sustainable yet gorgeous alternative for your durable surfaces, Look no further!!  Icestone is a fabulous product made here in the U.S.!  It is made from 100% recycled glass and comes in more than two dozen  different colors!  This company is one of 20 worldwide to receive  Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification, a very prestigious award meaning their product has no V.O.C.s,  and it can be re-purposed or fully recycled at the end of its usefulness. They are also NSF51 certified which means they are dedicated to creating healthy products!

Check out some of  their colors!

Or visit their website to view their design portfolio.

Not only is Icestone completely sustainable, carcinogen-free and gorgeous, but it is extremely durable!!

Use Icestone for:

  • kitchen countertops
  • bathroom vanities
  • shower walls
  • tabletops and bartops
  • fireplace surrounds
  • flooring

I’m sold!

Sophia LaMarca CID



  1. Thanks for posting this information. I’ll check this out.

  2. bathroom vanities need not be expensive, there are many bathroom vanities that can be bought at a bargain price “**

  3. Greg said

    Great alternative Sophia!
    The website looks really nice.

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