Lamps, Pendants, and Sconces “Oh My!”

Okay, I admit it, I have a weakness!  Alright, I have more than one, but in this case it is for light fixtures… I can’t resist a beautiful lamp!  There is just something about a cool light fixture that can really make a statement in a room!  Obviously, with a great lamp you gain the moody effects of the ambient lighting , but there are also so many different shapes, colors and styles to choose from!

Check out a few of my favorites!

Calais Chandelier Black

Silver Plated Wall Sconce

Tuxedo Chandelier

Chrome w/ White Ceramic Table Lamp

Silver Plated w/Eidolon Krystal Glass Table Lamp

Boulevard Chandelier

Chocolate Chrome w/ Brass Table Lamp

Brushed Nickle w/ Red Glass Table Lamp

Rib Table Lamp

For more information on any of these fabulous fixtures feel free to contact me!

Sophia LaMarca


(Owner/ Designer)




  1. Stefanie LaMarca said


    I love the lamps and chandeliers you have posted on your website. Olivia especially likes the chrome with white ceramics lamp and I really love the red glass lamp.

    I look forward looking at the other posts on your site, and gathering great decorating tips. I’ll be in touch with soon for a consult. I need help with my family room!

    • There is plenty more to come, so if you’d like to subscribe to my blog, you will get new blog alerts sent directly to your email!

  2. Elena said

    Spring is upon us and we are inspired by your website here to update our home! Your tips for going green are terrific! I look forward to checking back with you frequently for more great tips and ideas . . . thanks.

    • Thanks Elena! Glad you enjoyed our blog! Keep checking back with us for more design advice and inspiration!

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