How to bring Spring into your home!

Each year around this time as I wander through the neighborhoods, I am newly amazed and inspired by the beautiful colors around me!  Color has such a profound effect on our moods, our energy levels, our motivation levels!  It’s the same every spring, yet the feeling I get always seems new!  That is when I get the urge (and many of us do) to infuse my home with fresh spring colors!

Bright green, Tomato Red, Citrus Orange, Lemon Yellow, and Creamy White…..

It’s so easy to do!  A quick coat of paint, an assortment of throw pillows in bright colors, a new bedspread, colorful artwork, or fresh blooms on the mantle!  These are all easy and affordable ways to infuse your home with color and energy!

But don’t stop there!!  Carry the feeling through to your patio or veranda by adding fresh blooms to your flower pots, tossing a few throw pillows on your patio chairs or hanging outdoor drapes from your patio deck which complement your interior decor!  Consider adding a splash of bright color with a shade umbrella in one of Sunbrella’s many beautiful colors!  Sunbrella makes some truly amazing fabrics in beautiful colors and patterns.  You might even consider using an outdoor fabric (super durable and easy to keep clean) on interior upholstery in rooms that get a lot of sun.

So, go ahead!  Infuse your home with lovely, energizing spring!

Sophia LaMarca C.I.D. Owner/ Designer





  1. Stefanie LaMarca said

    This blog really speaks to me, Sophia. I’ve been thinking about infusing some new color and fabrics into our home with pillows, curtains and wall color.

    I’m considering slipcovering our existing couch, and buying two swivel barrel chairs for our family room (to assist with the narrow room and the television and fireplace being on adjacent walls.) If I do this, I could use help with creating a theme and color pallete for the room. Is this something you can help me with?

    • Hi Stefanie, Thanks for your question! I would love to help you with this project! Give me a call when you are ready and we will set up a consult! Looking forward to it,

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